Jovian x Chryseis 3-Ply Mask

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As one of our aims to keep you safe in the trendiest look possible, meet the Jovian x Chryseis Mask Series that comes in 3 layers of protective materials. The internal layer is produced using a non-woven material using static filtration melt-blown technique that keeps you safe from viruses, bacteria and airborne particles. The middle layer is made of non-woven material that repels water and harmful bio-fluids from the innermost layer of the mask.

It comes in an abstract marble design that comes in sweet sorbet hues that represent Chryseis' favourite colours. Each mask is embossed with a ‘Jovian’ logo and printed with “Chryseis'' to symbolize the collaboration. Each box consists of 30 individually wrapped masks to make it easy for you to take it anywhere you go!

- Acne Free 3-ply mask with belt and hanging ears
- Applicable to medical inspection, health protection
- Made of non-woven fabric
- 30 pieces of 2 different colours (light blue and cloud) in each box

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